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Do you think alcohol consumption during pregnancy can damage the fetus? 

Mostly women are in the view that alcohol consumption will create effects on the baby like low birth weight, reduced ability to grow.

It comes to know that moderate consumption of alcohol won’t have any long time effect on couples to conceive, whereas consuming 5 alcoholic beverages per a week takes long time to get conceived.

Important considerations of alcohol consumption

The complications faced by many as per this addiction are absence of menstrual cycle, diseases like amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea (periods with severe pain). They also come across risks like low ovarian weight, reduced hormone levels, controlled ovulation, and obstruction for sperm transportation through the fallopian tube.

Moreover, drinking of alcohol may cause major health issues for their baby. Too much of alcohol consumption during pregnancy is teratogenic which mean that babies are born with some defects, resulting in fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), and also miscarriage, pre-term labor and delivery, placental abruption and still birth.

Those who opt to go for the complicated procedures like IVF and IUI are recommended to quit drinking at least before 3-6 months of their process.  The foremost effect of alcohol on pregnancy is a result of the availability of sex hormones–alcohol reduced the sex hormone number and possibility in the female body. This leads to less probability for ovulation to take place and also makes non-optimal surrounding for uterine to support for implantation.

Not only the female body gets affected by alcohol, but also male body is pose to risk while having alcohol during pregnancy such as low sperm count.

Even having a occasional drink during ovulation will change the babies features in the womb like deformations in the body parts of chin, eyes and nose. Many researchers and investigation say that there is no safe side of having alcohol consumption at the time of pregnancy.

Alcohol is poisonous to the subtle sperm generating cells, which are completely destroyed. This is also associated with the estrogen levels. This in turn reduces the production of sperm and may lead to develop cancer cells in men.

 Besides, directly creating impact on hormone production, alcohol also restricts the body’s power to take in and process nutrients such as antioxidants, zinc and selenium that all are necessary for reproductive function. As human body need these kinds of nutrients for development of sperm, progesterone and estrogen, alcohol consumption will restrict the production.

 As a result it becomes quite obvious how weakened nutrient levels resulting from alcohol consumption at the time of the preconception preparation period (120 days prior to a conception attempt) and during pregnancy and lactation may initially lead to fertility problems and finally to poor health results for you and your baby.

Opposing to this, a glass or red-wine will boost up the pregnancy rate and has high ovarian reserve. In some ways, red wine is helpful for women that that of beer and spirits.

Try to be away having alcohol or its better to quit forever that helps for the healthy delivery of a baby.


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