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Depression is a serious condition which has to treat. Depressed women find a hard time when they are planning to conceive. Depressed women need to be taken care of and immediate counseling and medications must be given at the earliest. Depression severity ranges from moderate to severe depending on the incident and the impact of it on the women.In a study conducted by the Boston University of Public health reveals that depression can take a hard toll on women trying to conceive. It’s also observed that the use of psychotropic medicines might not impact the fertility according to the studies done by the Boston University of Public Health. Women facing severe depression have very minimal chances to conceive.

In the research done by the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it has been figured out that nearly 38% of the women have been found to have signs of severe depression based on any given menstrual cycle compared to women who had low to no signs of depression. The impact of medicine doesn’t impact the women as the results were very much alike.

Infertility and mental health

Infertility is a state when the couple has been trying to conceive after a year of trying via unprotected intercourse. Few women can conceive but face miscarriage are also termed as infertile, it’s interesting to know that infertility impacts nearly 15% of women who remain childless. Women who plan to conceive but cannot due to one of the many following reasons:

Depression and anxiety problems.


Sexual dysfunction

Social isolation

Low self-esteem etc to name a few.

There are yet studies and research going on to understand if mental health has an impact on the fertility levels, while it’s evident that being infertile can be depressing and affects the mental state of mind. When women often experience low o severely high levels of depression the hormones fluctuate causing an imbalance thus which regulate the ovulation process. Hence when women are depressed it becomes hard for them to conceive.

Treatment for depression

Women facing depression issues are fortunate enough as they have many treatments and medications that can rescue them from depression thus helping them to conceive. Most depression treatments are quite expensive and are not covered by any health insurance. Many infertile couples undergoing the infertility treatments are already stressed, the cost of ART might also be hectic causing anxiety and depression. Take help and support from your doctor who would help you come out of the situation. Studies and several research claim that women who are in a state of distress and facing anxiety and stress have comparatively lower levels of conceiving.

There are several clinics which offer Talk therapy, either one to one or conduct group sessions which bring down the levels of stress. Women who open up and communicate can have improved mood and the chances to conceive are higher than women who wish not to communicate.

In spite of the studies yet some reasons are not clear hence research is going on to understand if drugs such as antidepressants might help women to conceive. Many women are reluctant in taking treatments and medications when pregnant fearing the impact of medicines on the foetus. However, there is no evidence saying that the most used antidepressants have an impact on a woman’s ability to conceive.

Pregnancy and mental health

Women who have been facing depression during pregnancy have increased threat of depression postpartum. One must not stop taking the medications for depression as there are chances for it to come back. Consult your doctor when any medicine has to be stopped or continue using it.

Depression occurs in women commonly pre and post pregnancy. While some symptoms might not be known. Each women experience different symptoms and signs of depression. Some of the common signs of depression include:

State of uneasiness, tired and mood swings.

Feeling extremely sad and anxiety

Crying for small reasons

Lack of energy

Always eat too much or too less.

Lack of concentration to focus and decision making.


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