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Regular consumption of marijuana which is like more than once a week causes a bad impact on the sperm count and sperm quality which disturbs the sperm quality, besides affecting the hormonal and the natural monthly cycle which women have. Yet the negative effects can be reversible by quitting smoking.

Marijuana the most consumed and Popular Drug.

Marijuana is the most consumed drug in the world. In a survey conducted in the USA, excessive consumption of marijuana over a prolonged period impacts infertility. There are many factors interlinked which affect the fertility include age, consumption of alcohol, smoking, lifestyle habits etc. Hence infertility can be caused due to several reasons.

Although several studies have revealed the effect of marijuana on health and impact on fertility. On consuming marijuana, the main component which is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), affects both men and women’s reproductive systems.

The component THC, linked to the “cannabinoid” receptors is interlinked responsible for men and women for the testis and uterus which can interrupt the menstrual cycle and decrease the sperm count, both in men and women.

Impact of marijuana on the Sperm

While it’s clear that frequent consumption of marijuana affects the sperm parameters in a negative way. Yet studies are going on to understand the relationship between them. In a survey conducted in Danish group of men in between ages 25 to 29, men who occasionally consumed marijuana has decreased sperm concentration like more than once a week. Also, men who had consumed a combination of drugs had the even lower concentration of sperms.

Sperms have the CB1 and CB2 receptors which are there in marijuana that are responsible for the low sperm count and low sperm motility in men. Motility refers to the sperm’s ability to swim in the semen stream. Capacitation is one of the processes which a sperm has to cross through to reach the egg.

Marijuana and Female Fertility Problems

There are several factors which prove that consuming marijuana impacts women’s fertility negatively. Women who consume marijuana are more likely to be affected by abnormal ovulation symptoms like delayed ovulation when you have been consuming more often when trying to consume. Also, women who use marijuana tend to have the problem of anovulatory meaning women who do not ovulate and imbalances in the menstrual cycles.


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