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Today, there are various kinds of contraceptive techniques that allow you to be away from getting pregnant and choosing the type of birth control method depends on their own lifestyle and the financial plan. Of all the available emergency contraceptive procedures, we would like to have our discussion on “Spermicides” in this article.


A birth control practice that creates a gateway between sperm and egg and stops you from getting conceived. Before going for sex, it is placed in the vagina to put a stop for pregnancy.

To whom spermicides are for

Using of spermicides are mostly for people who are planning birth control in step forward of having sex and couples using condoms or other obstruction methods of contraception who want additional protection against pregnancy.

How to go with this procedure

If you are in the decision to make use of spermicide, it helps for your birth control in two ways: obstructing the way for the sperm to reach to an egg, creating a barricade for the travel of sperm to glide to the egg. It can be used together with other birth control approaches or can be used by itself. In order to have additional protection it is better to use condoms along with spermicides where condoms can stop STDs also. Actually, the behavior of a spermicide is to slow down the stream of sperm reaching the egg and not to kill the sperm.

There come various forms of spermicides like creams, foams, gels, film and other kind of suppositories (liquids or pills that melt into a cream in the vagina). Even though, there are a number of types and brands in the spermicides, the ultimate function of it is to stop sperm from moving to egg.

How well it works

For the effective and correct use of spermicide, it has to be used every time when you go for vaginal sex. Go with the correct and easier way of method which works well for you like IUDs and implants.

Move to the benefits and risks of using spermicide

Benefits – When used with other contraceptive methods such as diaphragm, cervical cap or condoms, the effectiveness is upto 95% while when used individually it is only 78% successful.

  • As per the individual comfort, these are available in several forms.
  • No need to have discussion with your specialists when using spermicide.
  • It is so reasonable and is easy to carry with.

Risks – Using of spermicides might result in irritation to the vagina and also create urinary tract infections.

  • Have only limited usage and it should be used in regular.
  • It won’t provide any safety against to sexually spreaded diseases.
  • Need to be used together with other kind of methods for effective use.
  • Spermicide has to be inserted in less than 20-30 minutes before intercourse.


The amount of pill or liquid that you have to intake varies for each patient. So, it is mostly recommended to go with the doctor’s suggestions and then go with that amount of dosage. It also depends on the power of medicine. Consider all the factors like number of doses to intake per a day, time gap between each dose and the time period you take the medicine depend on the medical concern for which you are using the medicine.

So, be aware of all the contraceptive techniques and take one that suits for your problem, if not go for a consultation with your expert.



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