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Communicate more with doctor

Marinating relationship with doctor for making their skills and abilities

  • Just finding a specialist IVF doctor is not enough for a patient. Patient need to communicate properly with the doctor and should maintain a healthy relationship. This relation can easily drags the skills and abilities in the doctor. Treat the doctor with great care and respect and thanking him/her for providing best treatment will be a great respect to them. The communication between the doctor and patient depends on the trust. Binding up a good rapport with the clinical staff is helpful, if you need to meet the doctor on priority base. Efficient use of doctors meeting time is really helpful and do not hesitate to share your doubts and thoughts with doctor. Sometime making use of phone can save your time and doctor time for small doubts. Presence of spouse in your every visit gives you more bravery to ask your doubts. All the photocopies of the medication should be carried at the time of consultation

What exactly patients are looking for from an IVF doctor

  • IVF is a very expensive and time taking process that deals with emotions. Patients need to do homework before selecting a doctor and the success rate of the IVF depends on the quality of treatment that doctor is providing. Availability of doctor is very important at the clinic as it deals with the life of three people.
  • We in our hospital will take care that the doctor is pretty sure available at the time of patient consultation. Doctor presence is important through entire cycle of IVF. Presence of doctor gives emotional support to the patient and more information about the treatment progression. Before starting the treatment, doctor should give the entire steps in the test and how much it cost to the patient. Care doctor is useful for pampering the patient at the time of cycle failure.

How doctors helps in dipping infertility

  • Patients generally expect that their doctor will give them a better treatment for having a baby. Here are the procedures that harm patients and you need to refuse if the doctor suggest these.
  • D&C surgery
    Empiric cure for unusual sperm
    Genital TB treatment
    TORCH test
    Medicines for endometriosis
    Operative laparoscopy

When to change doctor

  • Many of the patients in our clinic are unhappy with their previous doctors and previous experience of failure case of IVF. Some patients hate their doctors sometimes for below reasons:
  • Nonstop waits
    Lack of proper explanation
    No time to discuss
    offensive behavior
    No information about the treatment cost
    No privacy and no time to listen
    No proper communication

  • Patients are usually scared of changing their doctors as the doctor entirely knows about their case. Sometime a small change makes the total world different. There are many cases that doctors who are giving very poor medications and with less quality medical care. It is important to have faith in doctor at the same time it is important to know about the doctor before consulting

How to protect for terrible treatment

  • IVF is the most advanced technology that could enhances the possibilities of getting baby. Some clinics are lacking proper laboratory facilities and infrastructure, but still demands more money from their patients. It is important for a patient to find a better IVF clinic before proceeding and not to take the words that every clinic is saying. There is a big world difference between the good IVF clinic and bad IVF clinic. Some clinics perform 2-50 tests in two days and perform IVF and ICSI procedures for two times in am month. This is not a suitable treatment for every patient.
  • Some doctors depends on the part time jobs, some depends on multiple clinics results in the absence at the time of treatment, some doctors cuts the major treatments by taking the full money and finally gives useless suggestions. Most of the clinics do not offer full range treatments as good IVF clinics. Here are the some signs of bad IVF clinics:
  • Some hospitals refuse to give details about their infrastructure
    Not getting chance to discuss with doctor
    Not suggest ultrasound scan in their treatment
    When there is a uncertainty in scanning and collection of eggs
    Where they refuse to give discharge summary

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