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What is Hysterosalpingogram?

A hysterosalpingogram also called Hysterosalpingography is a procedure which is done to study the female fertility, it uses real time X-ray which is known as fluoroscopy to study and test the fallopian tubules present in the uterus. The HSG test is done to examine the presence of any abnormalities and presence of any harmful and malignant tumors, fibroids etc that are present in the uterus.

By doing hysterosalpingogram procedure the blocks which are in the path of fallopian tubules are removed and the woman can conceive as normal. It is a radiology procedure done to investigate women who have difficulty to conceive, a radiographic contrast(dye) is inserted into the uterus via the vaginal passage, to study the structure of the uterus or any scarring present in the uterus. Its suggested to discuss with the radiologist if you are using any medications, if your pregnant or have allergies etc.

How is the procedure done?

The hysterosalpingogram is a short procedure which take around 30 minutes to complete. It is a gynecological diagnosis and the woman is asked to lie or position herself back where her knees are bent and feet is held high, then a speculum is then injected into the vagina, the cervix is then cleaned and then a instrument called catheter is implanted into the cervix, later the speculum is carefully expelled and the patient is asked to lie or placed beneath the fluoroscopic camera, and then the images of the uterus and the fallopian tubules are captured. If the patient has specific abnormalities they are asked to take rest and then the images are captured. By delaying the process, the images, reveal some indications which the contrast material might not be able to provide. Once the process is completed, the catheter is discarded and the patient can then sit. After the procedure is done, the radiologist does the further study and suggest the condition.

What to expect after the procedure?

The procedure causes little discomfort when the catheter is inserted but the discomfort does not last long. There might be some signs of minor soreness at the peritoneum and some pain associated at the lower abdominal region. It’s also common that women have some spotting which is common after the procedure.


A radiologist thoroughly checks the images and send the report to the doctor who will discuss what has to be done if any complications etc. It’s important to do regular follow ups if there are any abnormalities. In such a situation further examination is required which uses special imaging techniques to capture images for detailed study.


There is a possibility of occurrence of cancer as the uterus is exposed to excessive radiation.Sometimes due to the usage of dye in the procedure there is a possibility of allergic reaction. Pelvic infection might also occur but it has less chances and it’s not very common. Also if a woman has multiple sexual partners or affected or has a risk for sexually transmitted diseases, she will be examined for cervical cultures prior to do the HSG procedure. Few doctors suggest usage of antibiotics to reduce the threat of infection after HSG

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