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How to face infertility

How to face infertility
Stress and infertility
  • These two are interdependent factors for infertility. Stress is the most common feeling that every individual is experiencing in this mechanical life. When a woman is under stress, it produces corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) hormone that activates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) system, which in turn releases catecholamines, a primary stress hormone. In earlier days, this can be regarded as the major infertility factor in both the men and women. Researches prove that most women under stress experiences changes in their menstrual cycle and in men, the sperm count decreases. Upon these direct effects, it also avoids libido, results in the reduction of the intercourse regularity.
  • Consequently, women undergoing infertility treatment will have higher stress levels. Giving birth to a baby is a dream for every parent and if they know that are infertile, they undergoes stress feeling heavily.
  • Serenity Prayer, meditation and yoga are some of the stress relief tools that deal with stress management techniques.
Dealing with infertility depression
  • Most of the infertility couple frequently find themselves feeling sorry for them. The major tools for treating this are:
  • slaughter inner self pity
    Reading and gaining knowledge about the conditions
    Abolishing the god from infertility
    Pampering ourselves
    Communicating more

Uncertainties on IVF
  • People would think that IVF is a stressful treatment. This treatment is a general treatment as like cancer and if the patient follows the guidelines carefully then they would get success in this. Peace of mind is the most boosting factor for IVF. When this treatment is given properly by experts, there is nothing to fear in this and both the couple need to be strong enough while treatment. Better counseling shows better results in IVF couple. This treatment provides opportunities to communicate with more number of infertility couple and also helps in better knowing their experiences.
Support for infertility stress
  • Coping up with the infertility feeling can be done by:
    Sharing feelings with others gives relief from stress and it could avoid depression and loneliness. Communicating with relatives and friends makes you happy and marinating positive attitude is more important. Regaining control over infertility by studying the success cases of infertility and discussion opinions and ideas with partner is a much relief. Sometimes counseling will help a lot to control your feelings.

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