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Complete blood picture – Infertility investigation for Male Infertility Patients:

  • A complete blood picture is a blood test done as one of the Infertility investigation for Male Infertility Patients to detect the count of red blood cells RBC,white blood cells WBC and platelets in the blood stream.CBP is also done as a part of the medical check done to figure out the underlying reasons for fatigue, check the presence of any cancer cells etc. CBP gives a complete picture of the health conditions and symptoms of any upcoming threats through blood analysis.

Random blood sugar:

  • Random blood test is done to check the levels of diabetes or sugar levels in the blood stream. Through blood test we can check the glucose levels in the body. Important test under Infertility investigation for Male Infertility PatientsIf the blood sugar levels is above 200 mg/dL then its called high blood sugar which needs immediate attention else it might lead to serious health complications. Symptoms of high blood sugar include excessive thirst, frequent urination, drastic weight loss and blurred vision.

Viral Screening:

  • Viral screening checks for the presence of minute infection causing virus which are not visible to the naked eye. Virus multiple and replicate at a rapid rate inside the living bodies.Virus comes in various shapes and varying sizes. Its interesting to know that virus cannot be treated by using antibiotics. However there are medications and drugs available which can restrict the virus from entering into cells or preventing them from multiplying.Virus attacks the body organs and destroy the activities of the cells and depletes the body’s defense mechanism leading to fatigue.

Semen Analysis

  • A semen analysis is done as part of the initial consultation. We recommend two to three days’ abstinence before producing the sample. Due to differing parameters between clinics we strongly recommend having an analysis performed here.Semen analysis looks into factors such as sperm concentration and motility which is the gold standard test to evaluate the male pattern fertility. Semen analysis otherwise called seminogram.Semen analysis is a basic test done to evaluate the sperm count in the given semen. If the sample has sperm count less than 15 million per ml, its categorized as low sperm count. In such situations where males have less to low sperm sperm count, your doctor might suggest appropriate treatments and medications to overcome infertility issues.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

  • The sperm is studied to evaluate the chances for successful fertilization for growth and development of a normal embryo. Sperm DNA fragmentation Test is conducted to determine if the genetical DNA in the sperm is abnormal which might cause male sub fertility.Standard tests such as gold standard tests are conventional methods of conducting the sperm analysis which look only on the sperm count, concentration, motility. While the assessment cannot identify the sperm at the molecular level.

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