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  • This is performed approximately 24-48 hours after ovulation and is done to assess the receptivity of the cervical mucus.
  • The doctor will advise you to have intercourse then attend the Unit for the test the next morning or later the same day.

    Post-coital test (PCT)

    It is also called as Sims-Huhner or just the Huhner test. Post coital test refers to the fertility test which is performed after having intercourse. A sample of the cervical mucus is collected from the woman and investigated under a microscope for further examination. The post coital test (PCT) allows the assessment of sperm in the cervical mucus & decides the the consistency of the mucus. The sperm must swim all the way through the cervical mucus from the vagina, through the cervix and make its way into the uterus. Normal sperms which are active, make their way in a straight lines or path through the mucus. If the mucus is too thick, the movement of the sperm is hindered. Research confirms that post coital test is actually not required, although the post coital test has not been a reliable source of

    Although theoretically this test should be useful, research has shown that the post coital fertility test is usually not necessary. The post coital test has not be shown to be a reliable predictor of the following fertility. At the time of the post coital test, its suggested for the couple to go ahead with IUI, in the IUI procedure the sperm is placed directly into the uterus which makes its way into the cervix. The IUI procedure must be done in the guidance of a skilled doctor because the unwashed sperm could lead to allergic reactions and infections. Unfortunately th post coital fertility tests is a weak indication to know if the IU treatment has been successful or not and hence this test is least preferred.

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