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What is spermatogenesis

Friday 26 January 2018

What is spermatogenesis

Spermatogenesis is a process where new sperms are produced in the testis, which is an ongoing process done using the mitosis and meiosis where the premature sperms are divided into two cells, and they are further divided into four cells, the process is called spermatozoa. Men having abnormal spermatogenesis is the most prominent reason for the male infertility.

The Sperm Production Process

 Spermatogenesis is an ongoing process in men and it takes place from puberty age until death. The male reproductive system produces around 1500 sperms in a second, and among them, only a few survive and make their way ending up fertilizing an egg. Testes are located outside the body, and this area has to maintain lower temperature for the sperm production. Sperms are formed when the FSH and Lh hormones are secreted from the pituitary gland which is responsible for the sperm production. Any impediments to the hormone secretion impact the spermatogenesis thus causing infertility.

Ideal Conditions for Spermatogenesis

The scrotum is the area where the process of spermatogenesis occurs and it plays a key role. The sperm produced in the testis matures in the epididymis the area located in the middle of the testes. The skin around the scrotum is thought and corrugated and the internal process is called thermoregulation and this area has to be cool to produce healthy sperms.

This area has lower body temperature than the rest of the body on average of 34 degrees.

Impact of temperature on Sperm Development

The mainly affected aspects of a sperm’s vitality are the sperm parameters such as the morphology, motility and the count. Temperature plays an important role n the sperm’s development and growth rate. The tests have a natural mechanism to maintain the temperature thus maintaining lower body temperatures near the testes. Even a slight increase in the body temperature of 2 to 3 degrees impacts the spermatogenesis mechanism.

Some of the factors which impact the temperature related spermatogenesis hinderance include:

1. Constant exposure to high temperatures.

2. Spending a long time in hot showers.

3. Wearing tight inners having poor blood circulation.

Spermatogenesis and Infertility

Many parameters impact the sperm production at any stage of spermatogenesis. Placing laptops, using mobiles for long and placing devices near genitals etc have a direct impact on the sperm production process. Exposure to pesticides and being exposed to toxins also hinder the sperm development process.

Some drugs, fertility drugs, steroids etc have a bad effect on the spermatogenesis.

Some other factors which impact the spermatogenesis include:

1. Men having BMI/Obesity higher than 25 implies less sperm motility.

2. Taking the right Nutrition and healthy supplements like zinc, selenium help improve the sperm quality.

3. Quit smoking, consuming excess Alcohol, usage of drugs etc. Experts say that such habits lower the sperm concentration by 28%.

4. Ejaculating on a regular basis such as once in 2 days gives sperm health and strength.

5. Genital infections also impact the internal reproductive system and sperm growth and development.