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What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Monday 23 November 2015

IVF is the treatment to conceive the baby when there is any hindrance caused to naturally give birth. The level of hindrance can be varied by dependent on the problem inherited in the couples. Many couples take time if the baby conception is not realizing in their lives for years, so then treatable baby fertilization has been delayed over the years. Real time reports claims that “3 billion babies are born through this IVF process” (In Virto Fertilization) with the more than fifty percent success rate to become pregnant. IVF: Removing the healthy eggs from woman’s ovaries and mixing with the fine with sperm counts in a culture dish. Fertilization is developed in the glass dish; hence it is named- ‘in virto’.

After removing the complete formation of the Embryo in the specialized lab, it will be transformed to the mother uterus to conceive the baby.

Step by Step Procedure :

  • Egg removal from Women’s Ovaries
  • Sperm removal from Man
  • After proportionate mixture of eggs and sperms, 
  • This sample is kept in the specialized lab in the incubation period. 
  • Embryo is transformed into the woman’s reproductive system
  • That causes fertilization.
Visualization of IVF Procedure :

After Transfer : (Sometimes Further treatment is required)

Sometimes advanced age of woman or internal functionalities cannot allow producing the healthy embryos. Only healthy and strong cells reach to the in-virto or glass dish to incubate. What happens if weak cells are formed due to the collection of week eggs or week sperms? For them blastocyst transfer is the remedy that assures fertility. 

Blastocyst : IVF involves in transferring of embryos and it takes around 2 to 3 days to fertilize the cells. Wait up to 5 days to fertilize the cell, until it is developed into a blastocyst, and then transforming it to the woman’s womb assures healthy baby to get conceived. This transfer is suggested to the patients who cannot be able to produce healthy embryos. 

Blastocyst - More developed embryo than regular one (Promises healthy baby to get conceived), and this developed baby is transferred to the woman’s womb.

When we need IVF ?

  • When woman’s age is advancing then fertilization rate can be slower (Aged Woman)
  • Blockage and  damage issues with your fallopian tubes (Due to pelvic inflammatory disease or prior surgery that effects reproductive system)
  • Endometriosis 
  • Blockage and less sperm count in the men
  • Undetected causes for infertility

Identify the reasons that hinder your Pregnancy :

Fertility problem can be equal to men and women, but there is no proportion that causes only - woman or men being more infertile.

  • Undergone abdominal or pelvic surgery due to ovarian cyst or appendicitis
  • If the male partner undergone any testicular or hernia operation
  • Female partner has irregular or painful periods
  • Sexually transmitted diseases are  manifested in the female or male partners
  • Ectopic pregnancy in the past or having fibroids for female partner