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Older moms and Fertility

Wednesday 17 January 2018

Older moms and Fertility

There is increasing women today who face the problem of infertility. Currently, in the research conducted by the CDC, around 20% women face difficulty to conceive and plan for children after 35 years. The count is raising and as women age the fertility issues are on the shoot according to the CDE reports. 

With the increasing age, women’s ability to conceive decreases. In the research done by CDC Klein recognizes that the average age which women tend to approach a doctor for infertility issues is at the age of 37. At the age of 37, there is nothing much which can be done. Couple who intend to have 2 children must plan sooner as the chances to conceive are fairly good in the younger age. 

The analysis of the research is that women can have a child at 37 but find it hard to conceive for the second child at 39. In the Seattle Medical institution, matured women at ages 50 are also treated for infertility problems. They usually will obtain the egg from a donor, and if the donor’s age is less, there are good chances to conceive. The conclusion is 50 year women having better health might be the ideal candidate than with a younger women facing health issues.