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When to go for a follical scan?

Tuesday 23 January 2018

follicular scan

What follicle scan scans for, A complete view on it

Delivering a baby is the main essential part in the life of women. Where this may not be the complicated scenario for many, but for others this will be a slow and disheartening process. One of the most prominent ways to get conceive is to be able to have a look when ovulation will happen at the time of menstrual cycle, and an approach to determine this is by follicle scan

Lights on follicle scan

When inquired on this method, many answer that they are not aware of what a follicle scan is and what the process is going to detect. As female reproductive system has many small tissues termed as ovarian follicles which have eggs and release them for fertilization during the period of ovulation. So this is a series of ultrasound vaginal scans used to determine if a woman is ovulating and recognize when a follicle breaks and releases an egg. This san let many couples to know when the intercourse should be done to have the best possibility of conception.

For this process, a follicular study checks the ovarian follicles and takes images of the internal body parts for further evaluation. These scans are performed by injecting a small plastic probe into the vagina. This process is completely painless and she is asked to be in stirrup position. Then a doctor can determine the correct time when the egg is going to be released so then the couple can get prepared for intercourse at that time to increase the chances of conception. The plastic probe that is injected will get the pictures of the interior body parts by releasing sound waves. The tissues containing eggs and the endometrial lining are examined to find out the period you are likely to ovulate, and then the doctor suggests going for sex at this time to increase of probabilities of getting conceived. It is most important for women who go through reproductive techniques like IVF.

When to go for follicle scan?

This is mostly suggested for couples who can’t be able to conceive even after trying for many months. Age of the woman may also play a significant role as good eggs stop in women who are in the period of 30’s and 40’s. The pregnancy rates can decline sharply after a woman crosses the age of 35.