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A glass of red wine to help you Conceive

Tuesday 23 January 2018

A glass of red wine to help you Conceive

A glass of red wine to help you Conceive..!!

Its often perplexing when you hear to consume alcohol while your pregnant. Whilst its a  general rule, consuming alcohol is not a safe option when pregnant as it does harm to the baby.

 But this article has something different to say, In a research done at the  Washington University in St. Louis,consuming alcohol in a limit is beneficial. Women who wanted to conceive must have at least a glass of red wine which makes it easier for them to conceive. While it might sound weird but its a fact. 

To be honest no research has claimed a relation between consuming alcohol and fertility but it’s evident that women who consumed red wine on a regular basis had improved count of  ovarian reserve, meaning the count of eggs in the ovaries.

 A survey was conducted observing 130 women in the age groups 18 to 45 and asked if they had consumed alcohol of any sort like wine, beer and other. An ultrasound was conducted to determine the antral follicles which is the ovarian reserve which  a woman has. 

And it claimed that women who consumed alcohol red wine had better levels of ovarian reserve. Yet research is going on to clearly announce the reasons. But few doctors and some infertility clinics recommend women to consume alcohol to fall pregnant. 

While post delivery or the  postpartum, it still remains gloomy and for mothers who are breastfeeding to consume alcohol. 

However, there remains a high impact of alcohol on the growing foetus, while in some cases the damage can be irreversible developmental damage, hence its advised to consume in limitations. 

The American Association of pediatrics reveals that consuming alcohol has some impact on the baby and it’s always advised to consult a doctor before doing so.