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After 15 Years of Ban, Now Cost Rica Couples Set Free to Undergo IVF

Monday 29 August 2016

A fifteen years IVF ban has been withdrawn by Cost Rica after failing to fulfill the Human rights rules of Inter-American Court for three years. The couples of Costs Rica are now free to undergo IVF treatment as per their anticipation. On September 10, Luis Guillermo the Centre- Left President has


A Fingerprint Foretells the Success or Failure Chances of IVF Treatment

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Researchers recently discovered the unusual gene expression that present in the women womb lining which fails the development of healthy embryos.   Expectation: Doctors soon predict the better chances of IVF outcome.The researchers have exposed that IVF failure chances can be aptly


Waiting bore success to this happy couple

Saturday 02 January 2016

No joy is better than seeing these happy smiles on the couples with their children. While we realise you have waited for so many years for this day that you take your children in your arms, we are extremely glad to be a part of this happiness : SWCIC wishes you forever smiles and roller coser


Best ivf clinics in India call you out for the surprise

Tuesday 22 December 2015

It is been so many years that IVF showed its first victory through the first test tube baby in the world- Louis Brown almost 30 years ago. Although there were quite a handful of criticisms, finally everybody appreciated the effectiveness of IVF with their full heart. The IVF centers started


IVF-IMSI with the best infertility results at SWCIC

Monday 30 November 2015

IVF- IMSI (In vitro fertilization- Intracytoplasmic injection of a morphologically selected sperm). IVF is the advanced technique which makes it possible to combine sperm and eggs in a laboratory for a baby that is genetically related to one or both partners.It is often used when a woman's