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Know about Lymphocyte Immune therapy

Know about Lymphocyte Immune therapy - swcic infertility clinic

Lymphocyte Immune therapy – Many couples who got failed with the IVF procedure and natural conceptions move for the LIT Therapy. This procedure involves the transfer of white blood cells from the respective father into the skin of the mother in order for the development of maternal immune system for pregnancy. As because of the pregnancy tissues are made of both mother and father, this therapy requires this transfer.

Know about Lymphocyte Immune therapy
Why to go for LIT?
  • In general, after the ovulation process, the fertilized moves into fallopian tube and fertilization takes place in fallopian tube. Here the embryo develops and travel towards uterus and finally comes to uterine to grow into fetus. This developed fetus consists of two sections.
  • One is from the father and the other from mother. If there is no protection for mother’s component it results in abortion as in auto immune diseases. The treatment that is to be given for auto immune diseases are by giving aspirin, heparin and if necessary they are also to be treated with steroids.
  • If the father’s component is not given perfect care as in allo-immune defects. Natural Killer cell movement of the white blood cell (WBC) in the uterine lining is now observed. If this is the scenario, then they have to go for lymphocyte immune therapy (LIT) with husband’s blood or some unrelated person. This treatment is given till the killer cell actions of WBC’s come down to normal level.
  • In the primary phase, two LIT treatments are given with a time gap of 3-4 weeks followed by successive LAD test after 3-4 weeks. If this does not result well, they are recommended for other treatments. All blood donors are about to have complete infection screening in prior to the donation. This therapy does not have any side effects rather than itching and redness in the injection part.
An elucidation on LIT
The HLA antigens that are on the placenta cells formed by the father are termed as HLA-G (these encourage blocking antibodies). When there happens sharing of DQ alpha antigens, the HLA-G molecule made by the father looks same as the G-molecule that the woman’s father put on her placenta to continue her in her mother’s uterus. As a consequence of this, the immune system of women identifies placenta cell as the cancer cell and the category 1 problems are developed to categories 2, 3, 4 and 5. Because of this, there happen certain reactions like
  • Insufficient blocking antibody formation.
  • Unproductive camouflage of placenta.
  • Placental cells fail to grow and divide.
  • Death of placental cells.
LIT helps that the mothers immune system in the progress of immunologic resilience to the inherently foreign pregnancy tissues. This seems that mother’s immune system would refuse this foreign genetic material. On the other hand during a healthy pregnancy, we see that the mother’s immune system becomes fortitude to the fetus paternally-determined proteins which permits the pregnancy to carry on.