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International Patients

Infertility investigations at the best IVF center in Hyderabad India

We are pleased and honored to deliver more information to solve your queries and any doubts regarding to your treatment. We would like to do everything to help you on your treatment.

International Patients for Infertility Treatments
Know more from our experts
  • We are pleased and honored to deliver more information to solve your queries and any doubts regarding to your treatment. We would like to do everything to help you on your treatment. Before starting your treatment you can feel free to contact our experts for your queries. If you have any concerns or questions regarding to your treatment, please contact us.
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Get more advices from out consultants regarding:
  • More exact information about the issues in you and your partner about infertility and our experts makes you understand the situation.
  • We will help you in guiding the treatment plans and if you want any additional tests and treatments, our consultants will give you more information for your queries and doubts.
  • Our experts’ opinions will help you in understanding the present status of infertility in both the partners. The status of ovarian process, information and problem about the tubes, uterus and other hormones in female.
  • With the help of our advanced laboratory tests like semen analysis and Andrology investigations, you can understand the status of male partner.
  • We will stand with you and will give you positive experience from the time you walk through our doors until it is time to return your country.
  • We would feel happy to suggest the best suitable treatment plan for treatment that suits best for you and your partner.
  • We will preserve your happiness by providing healthy and safe stay until your dreams come true.
Make your arrangements with our assistance
  • IVF is a process that deals with emotions. We will provide you a safe and accessible stay near to our hospital. We will assist you in booking in the close vicinity of the hospital. The hotel people will provide transportation facilities from airport to pre booking hotel. Our medical agent will assist you in providing transportation facility from hotel to the hospital and back to the hotel.
Important points to consider before proceeding
  • A scan copy of passport is required and you need to send it through mail to our email id.
  • We will send you the simulation letter to your mail id, which makes easy in getting medical visa.
  • Presence of patient two days prior to the treatment is compulsory.
  • The actual IVF treatment starts from the second of menstrual cycle of women (Fist day is the starting date of period).
Treatment at first visit
  • The treatment commences after studying the medical history of the patient by our experts, then progresses with medical examination, ultrasound and individual discussion with the specialist. The specialist will clearly examine your case based on the previous reports, will conduct an ultrasound, and suggests the suitable tests for your case and explains the treatment plan completely with you based on results.
Counseling also will be given to the patent to prepare him/her mentally.
  • In every individual generally simulation takes place for nearly 10-14 days and it changes from one patient to other.
  • Ovum retrieval is the next phase. In this phase eggs are taken from the women and the IVF process will takes place in our lavish labs. Presence of husband is compulsory at this time for giving semen sample.
  • Depends on the improvement of the ovum and development of embryo, the transfer of embryo is done after 3.-5 days.
  • Based on the medical requirements of the patient, the patient should stay for 3-4 weeks for treatment.
We will be with you every step of the way:
  • Support you in getting medical visa.
  • Assist you in facilitating accommodation.
  • First TT dose
  • We will provide home like experience.
  • Support you in entire treatment process.
  • As per the convenience, we will assist you after you have conceived (after going home) either on phone or email.
Facilities for international patients
  • We in our hospital provide you a pleasant and positive hospital experience to you and your family. We will support you both medically and emotionally. You can feel free to discuss any of your doubts with our consultants. We love to answer your queries and motivate you by providing regular updates of the status of the treatment.
  • Our highly experienced specialists are striving to make dreams of thousands of families to be true. We spread happiness and smile to the many corners of the country across the world.
  • Special support for international patients
  • Our appointed agent will guide you in scheduling the medical treatment and medical admissions by giving higher priority to every patient.
  • Our chief consultant will give you professional counseling about the treatment process.
  • Our special team members will give you crystal clear instructions about the proceedings and they will make sure that you are following the same.
  • As per your convenience, our team members will help you in proving information about the local attractions.
  • We will give you updated regularly on your status and costs.
  • Our team helps you in extending your visa if required.
  • Interactions with experts in their convenience language.