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Male factor in infertility

Why traditional methods are not working
  • Nearly in 40-50 percent of the infertile couple, men are the sole responsible for the cause of infertility in most of the cases. In the past many conventional methods were used with extensive variety of medicines to enhance the low sperm count.

Gonadotropin injections

  • This treatment is given to the men generally to the men with zero sperm count and who is having low levels of FSH and LH to simulate the sperm production. This treatment takes several months to reinstate the sperm quality. Initially the treatment is started with HCG injection three times a week for six months to reproduce the testosterone to standard levels. If the sperm count does not appear to the expected levels, then HCG is added with HMG and is given thrice a week. If the sperm production is reached to the expected levels, HMG injection is stooped and HCG alone is continued. Regrettably, in most of the cases this expensive treatment is a disaster with disappointed results. Many of the doctors are using the same injection for eggs growth, which are notworking at all.


  • This is a kind of drug that generally acts like dopamine, a catecholamine the abrupt the prolactin hormone release from pituitary gland. Usually this is a very rare case in men and high levels of prolactin results in helpless condition in men.


  • Testosterone injection is generally used to suppress sperm production during medication period in the hope of sperm bound after stopping the treatment. There are lots of delusions about the results of the treatment and it can and cannot do for men. This treatment is largely controversial with empirical and not predictable results.
Causes and treatment for Oligospermia (men with low sperm count)
  • The major cause for the infertility in men is sperm problem. This problem can arise may be due to not enough sperm is being produced or the quality of sperm is poor. The quality of the sperm is generally resolute by motility and shape. The normal sperm count is at least 20 million sperm per milliliter. There will be a considerable variation in the sperm count form person to person. Usually there is no specific method for increasing the sperm count and many cases of men infertility do not have high success rates. This sperm count can be identified with a simple test call a sperm survival test. Most of the doctors also do not the specific treatment for low sperm count. Most of the doctors are prescribing IUI (intrauterine insemination) treatment for men with oligospermia, at which it is highly useful for this problem.
  • Our expert doctors in our hospital prefer offering ICSI treatment to the men with oligospermia. This treatment evades the jeopardy of fertilization failure with IVF. Using of treatment is the main factor for success in this case and we will give hundred percent guarantees about the making of embryos in our lab irrespective of the sperm count.
Causes and treatment for Morphology teratozoospermia (Men with unusual sperm shapes)
  • Teratozoospermia is other reason for infertility in men and it is mainly because of the abnormal shape of the sperm. In many cases men will be having lower sperm counts, unusual sperm shapes and poor motility, called as oligoasthenoteratozoopsermia. The semen test in the lab is used to predict the shape of the sperm and it is usually in the form of oval head with a linking mid piece and a long straight tail. Men with Teratozoospermia are having sperm with unusual shapes like double heads, pin heads, large heads and absent tails. This abnormal shaped sperm is not capable to fertilize the egg.
  • The advanced infrastructure in our labs accurately predicts the shape of the sperm, which many of these labs are experiencing failures. Many of the doctors are going with IUI these days which is a treatment for low pregnant rates and not for improving the sperm functionality. Experts in our hospital, which are having immense knowledge in this area prescribes the better treatment like ICSI treatment for making their dreams to be true
Causes and treatment for Asthenospermia (men with poor Motility)
  • As the major reason for infertility in men is due to low sperm count, Asthenospermia is observed in some infertile men. Generally there should be 50% of motile sperm which is regarded as good quality. In some case, men will have poor sperm count and poor motility and in some cases men will have normal sperm count but very poor sperm motility.
  • For performing this sperm motility test, it required highly specialized infrastructure. Semen analysis is accurately performed in our labs to identify the sperm motility. Usually sperms are of two types, sperms which are swim and sperms which do not swim. Men with less motile rate, IVF would be the treatment offered by most of the doctors. But our advanced approach for this problem is ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) and it improves the possibility for ever man to have a baby, irrespective of the sperm count.
Treatment for Azoospermia (deficient sperm)
  • This is the condition in men in which there are no sperm in the semen. But the semen looks completely like normal and the men is also having normal sex functions. Man with Azoospermia need to undergo with some laboratory tests to identify the exact problem. There are mainly two reasons for zero count. First one is due to jamming of the ducts, which carry from testes to the penis, called as obstructive azoospermia. This results in the blockage in reproductive ducts. The second reason is because of a testicular breakdown, at the testes cannot have capability of production. This is called as non-obstructive azoospermia.
  • This problem is identified with the testicular size or with FSH blood test. If FSH is high and the testes are very small in size, this is the indication for non-obstructive azoospermia. In our hospital, after carefully analyzing the main reason for Azoospermia, we would proceed to the next steps of treatment that is testis biopsy . There are two options for testis biopsy or TESA: one is diagnostic and other one is therapeutic. Most of the doctors are going for diagnostic treatment as it is very easy and less expensive. Unfortunately this treatment has very less results.
  • In our hospital, we recommend therapeutic TESE- ICSI rather than diagnostic. If we identify the sperms in the test, ICSI treatment is given for increasing the success rates. If there is no sperm in the semen, on the agreement of patient, we will go for donor sperm to fertilize the released egg.
  • Better guidance will make you better! Gaining peace of mind and taking enriched treatment for success is only possible in our hospital with world class facilities.

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