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Menstrual Cycles

Here are few signs and tips of pregnancy:

Prominent signs during ovulation :

  • There might be change in the body temperature; it could rise to 1 degree during ovulationA urine test confirms that there is an increased level of LH, luteinizing hormoneA discharge form vagina, called cervical mucus is apparently clear and thinnerBreast TendernessBloating in abdomenA Very low spotting

    A very less pain in either side of abdomen

Tips for pregnancy:

  • Have Unprotected Sex on a regular basis

    Indulge in the unprotected sex often, More than 80 % of the couple get good news when they have sex often .It is advisable for the couple to have sex every alternate day during the month, the more the better: The best time is 3 days prior ovulation and 2-3 days after you felt the ovulation is done

  • Don’t rush after the act

    Stay low on the bed after sex, to enable the sperm to swim through the channels upstream: do not rush to the bathroom as soon as you are done with the act. Give proper minutes after sex with your partner.

  • Enrich the real experience

    Many research studies have stated that using artificial prays and mood changing lubricants impacts the vaginal acidity: Refrain yourself from using artificial lubricants and try enjoying the real and rich experience through the act.

  • Get Familiar with your ovulation cycle

    It is absolute necessary to identify when you ovulate and what changes the ovulation brings in to your body. There are many kits available in the market which predicts the ovulation and you can take help form the charts too

  • Relax and avoid stress

    Getting pregnant should be the most pleasant experience in a female. Avoid stress and frustration, and indulge in yoga, meditation, brisk walk etc to stay positive and healthy. Do not let the stress overcome you; proactively participate in exercising regimes which helps lower your stress.

  • Balanced health and weight

    Reproduction process will be healthy only when you maintain health and wealth to the accepted level: Do not be too skinny or too overweight. Reproduction of hormones needs healthy BMI ranging in 18-24

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