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There are certain situations where it may be advantageous to know part of the genetic make-up of the embryo prior to deciding to transfer it back to the uterine cavity. The patient is treated using IVF and when the embryos are three or five days old, one or more cells are extracted (“embryo biopsy”) and tested for either specific genes or a variety of chromosomes.

The two types of genetic testing can be summarized as follows:

PGD: A number of people in the population carry genes on their chromosomes that may result in a miscarriage or an affected child. Such diseases may include cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, Fragile X syndrome and thalassaemia. In these instances we can identify whether the affected gene is present in an embryo prior to implantation;

PGS: Certain patients may be at a higher risk of a chromosomally abnormal embryo.

These include:

  • women who are ≥ 35 years of age; or
  • patients who have had ≥ 3 failed IVF attempts; or
  • women who have had ≥ 2 miscarriages; or
  • patients where it is known that there are unbalanced chromosomes

In these instances we at SWCIC can assess the normality of eight chromosomes (those most likely to be identified in miscarriage material) and implant an embryo which is normal for these.

How does it work?

Assisted Hatching has normally being performed using a micro needle and laser by corrosive absorption of the external shell. At SWCIC IVF Fertility Centre, we utilize the most recent laser innovation to give our patients the quickest, most secure and most uniform method for Assisted Hatching accessible today it is known as Laser Assisted Hatching.

During the process of Laser Assisted Hatching, the external shell of the embryo is broken by discharging a couple of laser heartbeats. The laser is terminated far from the cells of the embryo so that the cells are not harmed. This procedure greatly enhances the capacity of the embryo for further growth and development and therefore greatly increases the chances of pregnancy and live birth rate.

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