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Reasons for IVF Failure

What is the reason for failure of my IVF cycle?

  • It is very challenging to pin point the exact problem in the failure cases of IVF. Role of men sperm is very less in fertilization; sperm are the one which gives parent DNA to child. That is the reason for most of the men infertility cases are success with careful ICSI treatment. But most of the doctors claim that sperm DNA is the major cause for IVF failure. But it is entirely wrong. Assessing the endometrium is other kind of test, which are technically unproven.
  • With our experience, we would say that egg is the major cause for IVF failure as it plays a major role in embryonic development. Sometimes it is very easy to know by performing cross testing, fertilized egg with sperm donor. But these tests are very complicated and some patients refuse for this. Many advanced technologies are there today to check sperm DNA fragmentation and endometrial function. But these tests have many deficiencies and are not same for every individual.

Understandings for failure cases

  • Fear is the main reason that most of the infertile couple refuses IVF treatment. IVF is mostly a trial and error method. The patients need to consult famous and experienced doctors in this case. There should be a perfect record of all the tests of the previous treatment like dose of the medicines used in the treatment, data regarding collection of eggs, quality and thickness of embryos and its information. Pictures of the embryo are very helpful for the new doctor, so that he/she can assess what went wrong in the treatment. The issues identified for the failure in the first attempt reduces the occurring of same in the second attempt.
  • After the failure of first cycle, the success of second one is totally depends on the quality of eggs, depends on age, quality of sperm, lab quality in the hospital, experience of the doctor and genetic capability of embryo. If everything goes right, the chances of getting success in second and thirds IVF cycles are more. Our experienced doctors learn many of the useful things from IVF failure cases and are striving to avoid them in second phase.

Being active after failure

  • IVF is the most complex process as it involves dealing with emotions. The journey to the success of IVF is full of hurdles. Here are the some of the tips that makes you come out of the depression from IVF failure.
  • Preparation for the worst for best and acting according to the situation makes you feel pleasant from the unexpected results.

    Supporting each other and planning for future get you throw out your down days.

    Hoping for the better and learning’s for past experiences is the motivational principle for life. Preparing in advance for both the results helps in quickly recover from negative cases.

What’s next after failed IVF

  • Most of the patients stuck to the questions and finding answers for IVF failure and performing analytical framework for the failure cause are the better next step. Praying and trying again are the possible next steps in failure case as human reproduction is not a well-organized enterprise. If there is a problem in follicles, experienced doctors are quite good and they can help in the growth of eggs. Secondary option is the changing of doctor by taking the entire documents regarding the treatment including photos and medicines.

Treatment for failed IVF

  • In rare cases, IVF couple experiences failure cases for unexplained reasons and this is a mental stress for both doctors and patients. Even if there is no problem in the embryos, they fail to implant. It is very important to verify the quality of embryo before proceeding with the help of photos. In some cases, because of cervical stenosis, embryo transfer was a difficult task.
  • For these kinds of cases we prefer transferring embryos top fallopian tubes, which ensures high rates of pregnancy. In the case of poor ovarian response, we try to enhance the reserves of ovarian followed by super ovulation, which helps in the growth of eggs. Changing IVF clinic is often a great idea for the failure cases. Healthy embryo becomes success in implantation and the failure rate is very high due to the chromosomally abnormality of embryo.
  • With immense research, we understand the two major reasons for failure. One could be the quality of embryo and the other could be the problem with endometrial receptiveness. Most of the infertile specialists do not have answers for the exact reason for failure of IVF and we regularly suggest to patients with IVF failures not to take any impervious tests as these are not going to change the treatment of IVF. The success is totally depends on the doctors, mental ability of patients, quality of treatment, luck, patience and insistence.

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