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TESA/PESA/Testicular Biopsy (Azoospermic Patients)

It is through the experience, that a doctor can decide on the apposite treatment style for each of their patients. TESA/ PESA/ Testicular biopsy is the treatment style that we- one among the famous fertility centers in Hyderabad India suggests fo the Azoospermic Patients. Teh details is given below.

  • These procedures are normally done to confirm sperms in the azoospermic patients

    Once mature sperms are confirmed, all infertile patients are given the option of sperm freezing

    Once the sperms are frozen infertile female patients have a good chance of conceiving with IVF-IMSI

    For better chances some patients go for a TESA/PESA on the same day as their wife`s egg retrieval.