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Tests for Infertility

Tests for Infertility

Testing infertility in men and women

  • Checking egg, sperm, fallopian tubes and uterus are the major tests for infertility. Nearly in 40% percent cases the problem is with men, in 40% percent cases the problem is with women and in 10% with both and in rare 10% cases, the problem cannot be identified with rigorous tests also. Physical examination of the couple and the medical history revision of the couple are the first steps that every doctor should do. Details about the menstrual cycle, sexual habits, past medical records like surgery, are the things that doctors will find out.
  • These testes generally performed at the time of menstrual cycle, and the levels of hormones in the blood can be measured by: Prolactin, LK, FSH and TSH tests. Hysterosalpingogram and ultrasound are the followed tests. At day 21, the level of serum progesterone is measured and laparoscopy is performed on day 20-25. These tests may be repeated until the final diagnosis of the problem. The first test should be done is a semen analysis for men and hormones test for women. After diagnosing the problem, the decision is ultimately depends on the couple.

Dissipate infertility tests

  • There are some tests that are often prescribed but not requisite for successful diagnosis. These tests are waste of money and time of the couple. Many of the centers are now using cook book protocol of the list of tests irrespective of the actual problem. If the patient changes the doctor, then new doctor also repeats all the tests all over again. Here are some of time and money waste tests: EB, D& C, TORCH test, Doppler test, Sperm function tests, Laproscopy, etc.
  • But our approach is entirely different from other clinics. We would first proceed with general basic four tests: eggs, sperms, uterus and tubes following by other tests like semen analysis, LH, FSH and TSH at the time of menstrual cycle.

Laparoscopy and laparoscopic surgery

  • This is a kind of surgical procedure, which is mainly performed by inserting a telescope inside the abdomen. The doctor can see the visuals for the tubes and can easily identify the problems like damaged tubes, endometriosis, adhesions and TB. This is conventional type of test that is performed after the basic infertility test in women. Premenstrual phase is the perfect timing for performing this surgery and some doctors will perform post menstrual cycle.
  • The patient is advised not to drink and eat before surgery and this is generally done by giving anesthesia to the patient. Before performing surgery, the abdomen is cleaned with draped procedure. A miniature telescope is inserted and the organs are carefully scanned. If the doctors find any abnormalities, they will give treatment as per the severity. Operative laparoscopy and secondary look laparoscopy are the two steps in this surgery. Today, with the advancement in technologies, we in our hospital rarely perform this test.

TORCH tests

  • TORCH (TOxoplasmosis, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus and Herpes) refers to the infection caused by miscarriage. These tests are not generally recommended for patients and these are waste of time and money. These treatments are generally prescribed by most of the specialists but it is not worthwhile for most of the patients.

AMH test

  • AMH stands for Anti-Mullerian Hormone tests identify the number of antral follicies in the ovaries. These tests are mainly performed for evaluating the response of women in an IVF cycle. Women with more AMH levels are more probable to be poor ovarian responders. This test is generally very useful for women who want to postpone their childbearing and to know about their fertility levels. This test is not always true for every woman.

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