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Follicular study is a process of studying the ovarian follicles at regular time intervals to confirm the ovulation.

Follicular Study

At SWCIC- one of the renowned fertility centers in Hyderabad India, we offer advanced medical technolofies and treatment styles for fertility. One among them is the Follicular Study.

Follicular tracking

Follicular study is a vital component of treatment. It basically employs a simple technique for assessing ovarian follicles at regular intervals most commonly done at DAY 10, DAY 12 and DAY 14 , sometimes another scan is done 2-3 days later to confirm ovulation.


  • Journey to ovulation begins during late luteal phase of prior menstrual cycle, when certain 2-5 mm sized healthy follicles form a population, from which dominant follicles is to be selected for next cycle This process is called ‘recruitment’. Usual number of such follicles may be 5-15, which goes on decreasing with advancing age1.This number can be reduced when a woman has had too many ovulation induction cycles, in premature ovarian failure or age more than 35 yearsDuring Day 1-5 of the menstrual cycle, a second process of ‘follicular selection’ begins, when among all recruited follicles, certain growing follicles of size 5-10 mm are selected, while rest of the follicles regress or become atretic.
  • During Day 5-7 of the menstrual cycle, a process of ‘dominance’ begins, when a certain follicle of 10 mm size takes the control and becomes dominant. This follicle starts growing at rate of 2-3 mm a day and reaches 18-25 mm size just prior to ovulation. Process of dominance begins late, when suddenly a certain underdog follicle starts growing faster and suppresses others to become dominant”.

follicular study

  • Almost nearing ovulation, rapid follicle growth takes place, and follicle starts protruding from the ovarian cortex,
    attains a crenated border, and it literally explodes to release the ovum, along with some antral fluid to form a Corpus luteum.

swcic follicular study

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