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natural cycle ivf treatment procedure

Natural Cycle IVF Treatment Procedure

Natural Cycle IVF (Minimal stimulation) Treatment at SWCIC Hyderabad

Natural cycle IVF or Minimal stimulation IVF is a procedure where low amount of fertility medication is used or no fertility medications or drugs are used.

Natural Cycle IVF (Minimal stimulation)
Natural Cycle IVF is a form of IVF treatment which is significantly gentler on the body compared to conventional IVF Methods. Natural IVF is a delicate and precise treatment. Natural IVF involves egg collection aligned with a woman's natural menstrual cycle; there are fewer or no fertility drugs/injections. It aims to collect the one egg that has been naturally selected and matured by the body, and the fertilised egg / embryo is placed back into the lining of the womb. Natural IVF is therefore the closest that IVF treatment can get to natural fertilisation. It focuses on the quality of eggs, not the quantity eggs / Embryo.
Minimal stimulation
Minimal stimulation is the advanced fertility treatment method that could bring us good results.
  • Mild IVF is a method where a small dose of ovarian stimulating drugs are used for a short duration during a woman’s natural cycle aimed at producing 2–7 eggs and creating healthy embryos.Overall pregnancy rates may be less than that of a standard down regulated cycle. Minimal Stimulation is a trendy form of IVF treatment for infertility issues in women. The procedure is done by using medications and drugs that trigger or stimulate the ovaries to produce follicles. Minimal stimulation IVF is different from other forms of IVF treatment depending on the dosage of medicines used to dispense multiple eggs in a menstrual cycle.Minimal stimulation procedure has good chances of success for women to conceive. Women opt to go for Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome as it uses less medications and is inclined more of natural or holistic approach.Your doctor will suggest you to opt for Minimal Stimulation
When to have IVF Treatment :
  • 1. When the female body does not respond to medication or drugs to produce multiple eggs which cause multiple pregnancies.
  • 2. Woman above the age of 40.
  • 3. When the eggs released are not of good quality for fertilization.
  • 4. Women having ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome problems.
  • 5. Also women with low egg count and ovarian reserve.
Minimal Stimulation IVF Procedure
  • The procedure begins by giving medications and drugs as a part of the treatment. Medicines such as clomiphene citrate will be used once the menstrual cycle has started.Also medicines and drugs like gonadotropins are induced based on how the body reacts to the medications. Also as a part of the Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome, ultrasound scanning is done to examine the growth and release of eggs and to estimate their quality.The matured egg is handled as in the same technique of the IVF treatment. Amongst the matured egg, the most healthiest egg is chosen and sperm is induced into the egg for the fertilization to happen to form an embryo. At the later stage the embryo is transferred in the woman’s uterus(womb) and careful monitoring and appropriate environment is created for the embryo to develop.After 15 to 20 days of the embryo transfer, tests is conducted to know if the implantation has happened.
Advantages of Minimal Stimulation IVF
Below are the Advantages listed:
  • 1. Affordable: The minimal stimulation IVF treatment is cost efficient compared to other conventional IVF treatment.
  • 2. Saves Time: The minimal Stimulation is a quick procedure when compared to conventional IVF.
  • 3. Less side effects: Since the MS IVF uses less medications, and is more of holistic approach, it does not affect the hormones abruptly.
  • 4. Decreased time period between 2 cycles: After the completion of one cycle of IVF treatment,the doctor suggests the patient to take rest for the ovaries cannot be triggered in a short span.
  • 5. Patient’s comfort: In the MS IVF treatment, the patient feels minimal discomfort and pain associated when compared to other conventional IVF procedures.
  • Also in Minimal Stimulation IVF procedure, the risk is also less in comparison to conventional IVF. Since dosage of medications and fertility drugs usage is less, the chances to conceive are also low, since less eggs are collected. Patients prefer MS-IVF over Conventional IVF due to the less side effects, and health risks associated.In conventional IVF treatments high dosage of medicines and fertility hormones are given which causes bloating and severe abdominal pain. Also Some patients experience Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS), which is a serious condition. It has side effects like excess weight gain, shortness of breath, which needs hospitalization. There by MS-IVF avoids such risk of OHSS and side effects.
How Natural IVF differs from Traditional IVF
  • A single egg grows and matures in ovarian follicles during a normal monthly reproductive cycle. If a female’s hormones reach a certain level, the mature egg is released from the ovaries and available for fertilization. In a stimulated IVF cycle, a female takes some medications to stimulate both of her ovaries to egg development and mature multiple egg follicles. In this stimulation phase, an infertility specialist will monitor the patient with bloodwork and ultrasounds to track the growth of the follicles until they reach a specific size.
  • A fertility specialist can perform an ovulation stimulation procedure to retrieve the eggs from the follicles. The retrieved eggs are fertilized in a lab and then choose the best embryo to transfer it to the woman’s uterus. High-quality embryos can be frozen in a lab for future use.
  • In the natural cycle IVF, no medications are used to stimulate the ovaries. The cycle can only produce one mature egg. Patients are monitored with bloodwork and ultrasounds to track the single ovarian follicle development.
  • The patient gets the same type of egg retrieval treatment is done in a stimulated IVF cycle to retrieve the egg from a follicle. If the egg retrieval is successful, then the same procedure is done in a natural cycle IVF to fertilize the egg. If an embryo is developed, then the doctor will place that embryo into the female’s uterus.
  • Natural cycle IVF and standard ivf procedures are the same. The difference between the natural cycle IVF and traditional IVF is the patient didn’t take any medications to stimulate multiple eggs developments in a Natural Cycle IVF.
Natural Cycle IVF Success Rates
  • The success rates are depending upon the number of factors. We at SWCIC, our fertility specialists are using advanced ultrasound to increase the success and give suggestions and recommendations on our in-depth diagnosis. Your health, safety, and chances of success is our main priorities.
Natural Cycle IVF Steps
The natural cycle IVF procedure steps are as follows: Step 1: Initial Consultation and Scan
  • In the first step, you have to come for an initial consultation and scan. Our IVF specialists will assess you and device the right treatment plan to increase the chances of success in IVF treatments.
Step 2: Treatment Consultation
  • You need to come to meet the nurse 2 weeks before your period starts. She/he will talk about the treatment plan.
Step 3: Scans and Blood Tests
  • You will have to take 2 or 3 monitoring scans. Each scan takes 20 to 30 minutes. The doctor will perform blood tests in these appointments.
Step 4: Egg Collection
  • This procedure is performed in a fertility clinic under sedation which takes 45 minutes.
Step 5: Embryo Transfer
  • The transfer is a quick process which doesn’t need sedation.
Step 6: Pregnancy Test
  • We will call you to the clinic for a pregnancy blood test and give your test results at the end of the day.
IVF Process (Infographic Image)
    • ivf treatment procedure step by step image